A clear vision ahead

Auto Clear Vision Windscreens is a leading supplier of windscreen repair and replacement services for all sorts of vehicles in the United Kingdom.

Vision Statement

In the UK, the go-to provider of glass replacement and repair services for all vehicle categories.

Statement of Purpose

To offer consumers with a reliable, easy-to-work-with, and market-leading service while being at the cutting edge of technological progress. Giving customers the option of interacting with us online or in person, as well as giving the greatest value for automotive glass replacement and repair services in the UK.

Auto Vision Windscreens has a clear understanding of the ideas that enable its performance.


  • Quality customer service is ingrained in our company’s DNA — it’s more than just a basic feature.
  • A dedicated Compliance Manager oversees strict quality control.


  • Throughout the organisation, service level agreements are implemented and monitored at all levels.
  • Widespread stock availability throughout the UK for quick response
  • Close collaboration with Thatcham on technical and work practises development
  • Proud to be working with Laddow, Pilkington, SIKA, and Esprit, all of which are market leaders in their fields.


  • Pricing Transparency
  • If at all possible, reuse trimmings.
  • Each model’s complexity is taken into account.
  • Network of Comprehensive Fitting Centres
  • Productivity gains
  • Purchasing Strategy for Groups
  • Auto Clear Vision Windscreens and our clients benefit from bulk purchase since it gives them a considerable competitive advantage.

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Happy Customers

Chip Repair

When a stone bounced up off the road, I got a little chip. I was going to ignore it until I saw the Auto Clear Vision advertisement and realised I needed to take action before the winter arrived. The website was simple to navigate, and the follow-up images were simple to add using the information they provided. I received an appointment confirmation, a reminder, and an approximate arrival time. It was simple to fix the chip. Overall, the procedure went as smoothly as it could.


High Wycombe


Efficient, pleasant, and cost-effective Windscreen Repair
I was told I’d need a new screen, but the expert came to my house and repaired it swiftly and efficiently.


Location: Manchester


Polite and reliable. Arrived on time and kept his word about telling me when he was on his way. A
good repair has been completed.


Location: Coventry

Windscreen Replacement

Excellent experience
It was simple and professional from the quick and efficient call centre to the installation and conclusion.


Location: Banbury

Windscreen Replacement

Amazing customer service!!!
Ryan, a delightful person, provided me with excellent service. I had three damaged windows, which was a really traumatic event, but Ryan was quite pleasant and immediately put me at ease. He kept in touch with me, telling me when he would arrive so I wouldn’t have to wait, and explaining the entire process and how long it would take. I was ecstatic since he performed such an amazing job!! It was bitterly cold and very windy, but he just got on with the job, and I had three new windows and new window wipers in a matter of hours. He’s an expert at what he does, and he even removed all of the glass from the inside of my car, making it safe for me to drive. For all the outstanding work he did under such difficult conditions, a cup of coffee was insufficient, and he refused to accept a gratuity from me, which he deserved!! Fantastic outcome from a dreadful circumstance
This service is highly recommended!!


Location: Bedford