Prepare for winter with Auto Clear Visions Top Safety Tips… As the UK gears up for another cold winter, the team here at Auto Clear Vision would like to help ensure you drive safely, so we have come up with a few top safety tips for simple vehicle checks that will help prepare you for the extreme weather conditions. Before … 

It’s important to be alert on the roads all year round, but especially so in winter as hazardous driving conditions occur much more frequently. Auto Clear Visions has some tips on how to stay safer at the wheel and ensure your vehicle is in the right condition to take to the roads during the winter months.

During the winter months, snow, ice, frost, wind and rain all present different challenges. Auto Clear Visions advises having your car checked by a professional, but if you’re doing it yourself, it’s vital you know which components must be checked

Make sure your car is in tip top condition and check in on these key things :


Auto Clear Visions warns drivers to get small windscreen chips repaired quickly. Freezing temperatures increase the likelihood of this damage turning into a crack, which results in the need for a windscreen replacement. Never try defrosting your windscreen using hot water!

Remember, if a windscreen needs replacing and your vehicle has Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) fitted, the equipment must be calibrated to ensure these safety systems continue to work as intended. Getting a chip in the windscreen repaired can be up to 10 times less expensive than replacement and calibration combined, so act promptly to save time and money.


Always make sure your tyres are at the right pressures and have sufficient tread depth. In winter, as the temperature drops, so does the pressure in your tyres. It may be worth fitting winter tyres, which are manufactured with deeper treads and softer rubber, to deal with the colder temperatures and potential for ice and snow.

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