Windscreen Features

Windscreens come in a wide variety of types. When repairing or replacing a windshield, Auto Clear Vision Windscreens takes into consideration a variety of factors and technologies.

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Tinted Windscreens

Hold a piece of white paper to the back of the windscreen so that it is half covered by the glass and half exposed to check whether it is coloured. Look for any noticeable colour differences.

  • Blue Tint
  • Green Tint
  • Clear

Windscreens with a Top Tint

This is a darker tinting strip that runs along the top 150mm or so of the windscreen. Its purpose is to lessen glare from bright, particularly low, sunlight.

  • Blue Top Tint
  • Green Top Tint
  • Bronze Top Tint

Solar Reflective Windscreens are windscreens that reflect the sun's rays

Between the PVB (plastic) interlayer and the outer pane of the windscreen, these screens contain a unique coating. The mauve/pink of certain Renault displays is a more noticeable example of how solar coated screens seem to have a little different colour. These screens help deflect UV radiation from the sun’s rays, which improves the air conditioning system’s effectiveness, prevents the deterioration of inside trim, and improves fuel economy.

Heated Windscreens

Unlike the more visible heating components in a back window, the heating elements in a windscreen are quite small. The heating elements are extremely thin wavy lines that go top to bottom across the width of the screen. The pieces are commonly divided into two halves, with a space on either side and a somewhat bigger gap running along the centre of the screen.

Automatic Rain Sensors

This is a mechanism that detects rain as soon as it strikes the windshield. A rain sensor, which is usually activated through a button on the steering column, allows the wipers to automatically alter their speed from stop to full speed depending on how hard the rain is falling. The sensor is installed behind or close to the internal rearview mirror. When rain falls on the screen, the angle of light reaching the sensor changes, activating a switch and triggering the wipers. The wipers work quicker when it’s raining heavy.

Automatic Light Sensors

When a sensor detects changes in light levels, the vehicle’s headlights are immediately turned on, increasing driving safety. The light sensor device is often paired with a rain sensor and is installed behind or near the internal rear view mirror. While necessary, such as when driving through a tunnel, it will activate the dipped headlights. For the light sensor to operate, the car headlights must be set to “auto.” Once the car is back in the light, the lights will switch off automatically. Note that the sensor will not regulate your vehicle’s daytime running lights.

VIN Notch

The Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) may be seen from the outside thanks to a gap in the paint band. The bottom of the passenger side of the windscreen is usually where you’ll find it.

Windscreen Antennae

A thin metallic stripe that runs through or across the windscreen. If your car lacks an outside antenna, one is likely to be found in or on the windscreen. Only a few cars, however, feature both.

Head-Up Displays (HUDs)

Still a pretty rare choice. The Head-Up Display, or HUD, is an aircraft-style system for displaying vital driving information directly into the driver’s field of view on the lower area of the windscreen. On the windscreen, speed, signal, and other driving information are displayed.

Heated Wipers

Look for brownish lines moving back and forth around the bottom 150mm or so of the windscreen, where the car wipers come to rest, to see whether it has a heated wiper park.

Ceramic Bands

A black ceramic or enamel band (also termed the frit) is baked into the inside surface of modern windscreen glass around the perimeter. The band features an etched surface that allows specific windshield adhesives to attach to the glass while also protecting the glue from deterioration over time by functioning as UV light protection. This black band has a dot border around it. The dots are sometimes used as a third sun visor to shield the sun beyond the rear view mirror, where most visors don’t reach.

Acoustic Windscreens

Noise occurs from a variety of sources and is transferred through the vehicle glass.

  • At highway speeds, air pressure variations against the windshield.
  • The vehicle’s body panels are being buffeted by air.
  • Noise from other cars and the surroundings
  • Vibrations and noise from the road are also transferred via the bodily structure. To assist minimise noise, suppliers have created vinyl interlayers with superior acoustic-damping properties.

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